Become a Volunteer!

Volunteers tell us that they get a lot of job satisfaction through volunteering. As one helper said "it's a good way to get to know people and at the same time you are serving the community". A village shop like ours can only survive and prosper if volunteers come forward to help. We need more volunteers so please give it consideration if you have any spare time.

Volunteers help by:
Serving on the till and behind the deli
Pricing and sorting big deliveries
Making cakes
Cooking and serving the monthly pensioners' lunch
Collapsing cardboard boxes
Routine shop jobs such as cleaning and filling shelves
Maintenance and mending
And much more

Some volunteers like to do a regular two hour stint on the rota, some just give occasional help and we try to accommodate volunteers according to the skills they have and the time they can offer. Full training is given.

If you want to find out more talk to Sarah

Without volunteers there would be no shop.